We offer two types of addons to our seedbox service. Plugins, and extra space – they are categorized below with prices. Unfortunately, all of our addons must be manually activated, and will take between 2-12 hours. The timeframe may be extended for custom plugin installation, you will be contacted directly.

Plugin Installation

Basic Plugin Installation

Basic plugin installation includes plugins which simply need to be uploaded to our server, without any configuration. These plugins include any of the plugins listed here, NOT including the 3rd party plugins.


  • 5 EUR per plugin (one time fee)
Advanced/Third Party Plugins

Note, these plugins will be subject to approval by our staff, and may be declined if you are not on a dedicated server. Advanced installation and configuration is required in order to get these plugins working, and they may still not work when configured properly. No guarantees!


  • Aprox. 10 EUR per plugin, submit a support ticket for an exact quote. (one time fee)

Extra Space


Add 100GB to your plan for only 3.49 EUR/month! This addon is available on ALL plans.


  • 3.49 EUR per month

Add 200GB to your plan for only 5.99 EUR per month. This addon is available on ALL our plans.


  • 5.99 EUR per month.

Add a whopping 500GB of space to your plan for only 12.99 EUR per month! This is only available on our 1TB plan


  • 12.99 EUR per month.

Add an entire Terabyte of space to your plan for only 19.99!!! This deal won’t last long!! Only available on our 1TB plan


  • 19.99 EUR per month.